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My Proven Strategies To Reach Your Goals In Record Time
science based coaching that
science based coaching that
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Whether you are wanting to get into amazing shape, are an athlete, or are striving to compete... I will PERSONALLY work with you to reach your goals!
Since I PERSONALLY Work With Every Single VIP Client, There Are Only So Many Spots Available - All #TeamMcGowan Clients Take Their Results Seriously and Spots Are Limited.
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What Most Coaches Won't Tell You And How Just One TV Remote Can Solve Most Of Your Problems.

Get into the best shape of your life, without sacrificing everything you enjoy through the process. 


This is the biggest BS you will ever hear.

When I think of "suffering", it doesn't bring to mind the WORK that is needed to be done.

"Suffering" would be NOT doing the work and dealing with a situation or life you don't want.

Imagine, going through life and never fully trying to reach your true potential, and the ramifications that has not only on you, but on your loved ones.

Hearing those words "this isn't for you" echoing in your head like a bad song with a catchy phrase and you do nothing about it.

To get to where you want to be, suffering doesn't have to be a part of the equation.

No one is handing out trophies for the person who suffered the most… well unless you are a part of a special group I don’t know about.

Will you have to work hard? Absolutely.

Will you have to sacrifice from time to time? Without a doubt.

Now, imagine sticking it to the people who doubted you and never really gave you the respect you want or deserve.

Crushing your training and nutrition and taking charge over every single aspect of your life.

I am privileged to work with a WIDE RANGE of people - from general fat loss clients to top-end fitness competitors.

Pushing their goals - day in and day out.

This isn't for everyone, I will be the first to say that.

But if you are tired of the monotony of not reaching your maximum potential, then this message is for you.

Drop the Myths…

You definitely have heard your fair share of them.

Heck, a quick Facebook scroll and you will find someone you know talking about one of the wide range of fitness myths that litter the internet like a junkyard of lost hopes and dreams.

Here you won't find those myths.

Here you WILL find truth and reasoning backing that truth.

The issue isn't the information you are soaking up like a sponge, but instead the misinformation you are implementing that has NO scientific backing.

When it comes to training and nutrition, there are more myths than Bigfoot sightings.

These myths hold about as much benefit as an all celery diet.  

Side note: If you have ever tried the all celery diet, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Can you believe that is actually a thing?!

The problem is when you implement these myths into your routine or diet… they destroy everything you are working for over time.

"Gurus" spouting this misinformation out from the mountain tops.

Later leaving you to find out that everything they were saying was never based off truth.

I will put it like this…

Take a row of TV remotes. Place them all in a line and only have one that works for the TV.

Now slap all of the remotes at once. Boom! The TV comes on.

Does that mean that all the remotes work for that TV? Absolutely not!

You just happened to hit the right one. 

This is how Training and Nutrition has been done for years.

Doing hundreds of different techniques thinking it is helping you get closer to your goal.

Instead, what these techniques are really doing is stopping you short of hitting your full potential.

A straight forward, simple approach that grantees your full potential will be met.

The dreaded "because I said so." Just even writing that gets my blood boiling a little.

Here, every question you have gets answered to the best of my ability. 

  • Personalized Meal Plan: Updated Monthly!
  • ​Wide Range of Meal Categories Available: General, Vegan, Keto, Low Carb, Dairy Free, and More!
  • Personalized Workout Program: Updated Monthly!
  •  On-The-Go Grocery List
  • ​Manual Meal Changes Anytime
  • ​Food Allergies/Dislikes 
  • ​Video Demonstrations Of Every Exercise
  • ​Progress Tracking
  • ​Weekly / Bi-Weekly Optional Accountability Check-In's
  • ​Extreme Ab Routine
  • ​Fat Burning Cardio Routine
  • ​Weekly & Bi-Weekly News Letters
  • ​24/7 E-Mail Support
  • ​Access To Private Facebook Group
  • ​Members Only Mobile App
  • ​100% Money Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime!

$47/ 4 wks



  • Personalized Meal Plan: Updated Monthly!
  • ​Wide Range of Meal Categories Available: General, Vegan, Keto, Low Carb, Dairy Free, and More!
  • Personalized Workout Program: Updated Monthly!
  •  On-The-Go Grocery List
  • ​Manual Meal Changes Anytime
  • ​Food Allergies/Dislikes 
  • ​Video Demonstrations Of Every Exercise
  • ​Progress Tracking
  • ​Weekly / Bi-Weekly Optional Accountability Check-In's
  • ​Extreme Ab Routine
  • ​Fat Burning Cardio Routine
  • ​Weekly & Bi-Weekly News Letters
  • ​24/7 E-Mail Support
  • ​Access To Private Facebook Group
  • ​Members Only Mobile App
  • ​100% Money Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime!
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$97/ 12 wks

"So, What Do I get...?"
Check Out Everything That Is Included In Your Premier 1:1 Coaching Plan
  • Custom Designed Warm-Ups & Training Plan.
    Activating muscles and really priming the body before you go into any workout is crucial. Incorporating a good solid warm-up that is catered to you and what you need most will be a game changer. Coupling your custom warm up with a training plan to focus on the areas you need it the most will blow your results out of the water.

    Your detailed training plan will be intense and offer some of the best results you will ever see. Training plans will change as needed in order to keep you focused while promoting strength and muscle gains. You will be tracking everything you do in the gym on both an RPE scale and weight used per set. This is to ensure you are progressing at a maximal level.
  • Cardio and Supplementation Protocols.
    Given your goal and progression, cardio will be assigned accordingly. You will never be doing hours, upon hours of cardio on a daily basis. Too much cardio, too soon, can ruin fat-loss in the long run. You will be assigned cardio strategically to fully exploit it's fat burning capabilities. 
  • Flexible Nutrition Programming To Maximize Your Results.
    Macro-based nutrition programming to allow for more flexibility as you push toward your goal. Flexible dieting is often misunderstood as a diet that allows you to eat donuts all day. Here we keep the food as healthy as possible but allow for donuts from time to time. Health and fat loss don't go hand and hand. You can drop fat and still maintain an unhealthy diet. On #TeamMcGowan, we promote you to be both healthy and shredded. Fell good, look good is the name of the game.
  • Exercise Technique Video Analysis.
    You will be asked to provide training videos for assessment of form, execution, and intensity. You are also able to send any training video you want me to assess at any time during the week. Whatever questions you have about said exercise will be answered in full detail.
  • Constant 24/7 Access To Me.
    Full, in app, messaging available 24/7. I receive every message directly to my phone and, if available, will respond to any issue you have.
  • Whatever Is Needed To Be Done, We Will Do.
    The main objective is to get you to your goal in the best possible way. I have your back 100% throughout the process. Whatever it is you need, I am there to hype you up and be a resources for you to use!
What should you expect...
  • There Will Be No Sugar Coating.
    ​Reaching your goal and making sure you are set up for success if my biggest priority. With that said, I will hold you to a very high standard. There will be no lies to make you feel better. I will be there to hype you up and to help you get through any sticking points but I will never lie to you. I am a firm believer in addressing the issue head on and taking care of it. I expect the same from you.
  • Real Knowledge From Both Learning And ACTUAL Experience.
    Training and nutrition is what I do, and I am very good at it. Everything we do here comes from a scientific backing. I do not play the, "Guessing game" with anything we do. I have spend 15 years of my life studying and learning from some of the greatest minds in the fitness industry. Not only that, I have applied many of these exact techniques to my personal life.

  • Just As Mental As It Is Physical.
    I would actually argue that it is even more of a mental game than physical. This is why I choose the method of flexible dieting for most of my clients. I want you to work hard, and enjoy the process as well. I spend a lot of time talking with my clients about maintaining that mental composure that is needed to reach your highest self.
What I expect from you...
  • A Drive To Succeed.
    I have a hard working team of clients and to be apart of that team, you have to be willing to execute on the plan of action provided. We are goal getters, and settle for nothing less.
  • Communication Is HUGE.
    I do not need to stress how important this is. If there is an issue that arises, you need to be able to let me know about it in a timely manner. Check ins need to be completed properly and in on time. There is no excuses to not taking the time during the week to check in with me. I am your coach, not your babysitter. I expect you to be on top of this. Everything we discuss is always 100% confidential.
  • Being Coachable.
    I want what is best for you. I love being able to help you get to your goal in the fastest way possible. You will be sending me check ins, training videos, and any issues you had that week. When changes need to be made, I expect you to be able to implement the changes. If you are having issues with the changes, please don't hesitate to talk to me. There is never a stupid question here so please ask away!
This is your time...
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Chris McGowan is at the top of his health and fitness field as an IFBB Pro, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist and business entrepreneur. His journey started when he was sixteen years old when he studied at Maypearl High School in Maypearl, Texas. It was here he began his fitness career as a collegiate basketball player. He then continued his education obtaining his ISSA personal trainer certification and a CPPS Certified Physical Preparedness Specialist certification.

Chris has over fifteen years of experience teaching, competing, and training. His extensive sports and fitness background has laid the foundation for him to be an example of what hard work, dedication, and focus can achieve.